By Hager Fawzy, 20 March 2022

What is data analysis?

Learn the meaning of data analysis and the most important methods used for it and what are its

By Hager Fawzy, 22 March 2022

Stages of data analysis

There are 7 stages in data analysis, determining, collecting, organizing, preparing, examining , relation and database design.

By Hager Fawzy, 24 March 2022

Data Analysis Tools

Analysis tools are very big and increasing everyday, we will talk about 10 of the greatest data analysis tools in the field of data analysis.

By Hager Fawzy, 25 March 2022

Data Analysis using python

Python is a high-level programming language on the other hand SQL is a standard database management framework

By Hager Fawzy, 16 April 2022

Why data analysis is important for the banking industry?

Banks facing challenges like preventing fraud, digital assets, understanding customer needs and managing risks.